Patient Testimonials

  • I had a car accident on Hwy and had very bad back and frequent headaches due to that. I have tremendous improvement in my health after the treatment. In my first appointment, Viral explained to me the cause of my pains in a very simple form using a skeleton. In the subsequent appointments, he listened to my concerns and explained what he is going to do in the beginning of the appointment. The front desk staff was very professional as well.

    Rajnish B.

  • Very thorough assessment, treatment, and guidance provided for overall health and musculoskeletal problem by Viral. He is very knowledgable, treated my low back and disc problem for 2 sessions and I am completely better. He provided good insight about my problem and how and what to avoid after minor disc prolapse. I was waiting in his clinic when another patient came with a knee problem and said what he diagnosed for his knee was the exact injury came out after MRI which was prescribed by family doctor after viral’s recommendations. I felt his services are slightly expensive than others but offers great expertise and helps in the long run to get better quickly. I did say to him and he mentioned that he has right to be expensive for his expertise but doesn’t have any right to be wrong…well said… I thank him for his help and front desk staff was very friendly too..good luck for his new clinic.

    Honest T.

  • Very good and professional service I had bulge disc Viral thank you! Going from Langley to your clinic was worthwhile. I am 100% better with no pain. Very pleased with service.

    Rose A.

  • Urvi Panchal very professional & nice physiotherapist.

    Mandy K.

  • I injured my wrist and the pain was unbearable. It kept coming and going for almost for 2-3 months. People around me said “do not go to physio they will make it worse”…I knew Viral through my workplace, so one day I called and made appointment. After examining my wrist he explained to me about the injury I had. My wrist got recovered around in 4-5 appointments and I felt difference starting first one. I always wanted to thank Viral for the service he provided me. Thank you Viral!

    Babita D.